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Work sponsorship and Nomination

Employee SPONSORSHIP - Australia


My visa to australia

Sponsoring an employee from overseas can be time consuming and is generally  convoluted, why go through this ordeal?


We do all the work for you that is:

  1. Obtain all required and pertinent documents 

  2. Assist in the preparation of an employment contract if necessary

  3. Prepare the sponsorship Application

  4. Prepare the Nomination Application 

  5. Prepare the Visa Application

  6. Consolidate and submit all 3 applications

  7. Continue liaising with the authorities until a decision by the DIBP is reached


We make the Process Easy - We'll show you how 

This visa allows the applicant and any eligible secondary applicant to work and study in Australia

There are 3 steps to this visa that are required to be applied for before the applicant can enter Australia and these are:

  • sponsorship

  • nomination, and

  • visa

Employer Sponsorship

The sponsoring business will need to apply for permission to sponsor overseas workers. The sponsorship will be valid for 5 years.

The sponsoring business will be required to show that:

  • the persons employment or business activities will:

           (a)  contribute to the creation or maintenance of employment in the Australian economy,

           (b)  contribute to expanding trade or improve links with international organizations or Markets, or

           (c)  enhance competition in the market place.

  • the sponsor will be required to pay the applicant the same market salary rates as Australian permanent residents or citizens in the same role. Where the salary is equal to or greater than the legislated amount, the sponsor is not required to provide evidence that the salary complies with the market salary rate for that occupation.

  • the sponsoring business must not have any adverse charges against their business or business associates.

  • the sponsor must give the visa applicant a letter of offer and a contract of employment for full time, ongoing employment.

  • the sponsor will be required to give the visa applicant the same terms and conditions as an Australian employee for example, superannuation and sick leave.

Employer Nomination

  • You must be nominated by your employer to fill one of the positions on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZCO) list.

  • The Sponsorship must be lodged before, the Nomination.

  • The sponsor applies for the nomination to nominate the position they wish to fill.

Sponsored Work Visa Sc 482

The visa applicant will be required to show that:

  • they possess the skills, experience and qualifications required for the position.

  • demonstrate a prescribed level of English language proficiency

  • obtain the required licence and registration for the nominated position

  • maintain health insurance for the duration of your stay

  • obtain the required health and security checks

If tyou cease employment with your sponsor, you must either:

  • find another employer who will sponsor/nominate you for employment or

  • apply for another visa or

  • leave Australia within 60 days

You may apply for the Sponsored Work Visa Sc 482 inside or outside Australia.

The visa applicant for Sponsored Work Visa Sc 482 may bring their family with them to Australia. Family members will be given permission to work and study in Australia.

After you have been the holder of a Sponsored Work Visa Sc 482 (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457 or Sc 482) you may be eligible to apply for a permanent visa.

If your business is currently operating in Australia:

  • You must provide evidence of your business registration details such as your Australian Business Number or ABN, Australian Company Number or ACN.

  • You must provide evidence to show that your business is currently operating, we can assist with this process​

Training of Australians

The sponsor must contribute to the Skilling up of Australian Workforce (SAF).


Andre Benjamin & Associates are experts in assessing, advising preparing and submitting  applications towards a temporary or permanent overseas worker applicant, we are candid in our advice and will not accept instructions towards an application doomed to fail and our fees are reasonable please contact us for further information.

Our fees are reasonable and competitive - 

We will collect all required documents, prepare and submit a complete and valid application on your behalf,

we do all the work. 

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