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If you are granted a Family visa or Parent Visa, you will be able to:

  • Live and work in Australia on a permanent basis.

  • Sponsor your family members to live in Australia.

  • Have access to Medicare.

  • Access to social security payments.

  • Study in Australia.

  • Be eligible for Australian citizenship.

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Family Visas Australia – (parent/child/last remaining relative)

Family visas Australia are granted to Parents, children, spouses, step relatives and last remaining relatives. They can be applied from outside or inside Australia.

Parent Visas Australia

The general criteria for a parent visa require the applicant to demonstrate, amongst

other criteria that:

  • They are the parent of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or
    New Zealand citizen;

  • They are sponsored

If you are inside Australia you may be eligible to apply for the following parent visas:

Aged Parent Visas Australia 

  • This is a permanent visa.

  • To be eligible to be granted this visa you must be of Australian pension age.

Contributory Parent Australia Visas 

  • You must have children who are living in Australia.

Parent Visas Australia (Subclass 103)

  • This is a permanent visa.

  • You must have children who are living in Australia

Child Visas Australia

​The general criteria for a child visa require the applicant to demonstrate, amongst other criteria that:

  • the child has not turned 18; or

  • has turned 18 and is dependent on the sponsor and is no older than 25 years of age ( exemptions to the age limit
    are available)


If you are a child and are inside Australia you may be eligible to apply for one of the following visas:

Child Visa Australia (Subclass 802)

Orphan Relative Visas Australia (Subclass 837)

Dependent Child Visas Australia (Subclass 445)

If you are a child and are outside Australia you may be eligible to apply for 1 of the following visas:


Child Visas Australia (Subclass 101)

Orphan Relative Visas Australia (Subclass 117)

  • This is a permanent visa for children from overseas whose parents are deceased, permanently incapacitated, or whose whereabouts are unknown and who have an eligible sponsor.

Adoption Visas Australia (Subclass 102)

  • This is a permanent visa for children from overseas who have been or are about to be adopted by an Australian permanent visa or Australian citizen.

Last Remaining Relative Visas Australia (Subclass 835)

You and your partner cannot have any sisters, brothers, parents (or step), or children who are not dependant other than those who are usually resident in Australia and they are Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or New Zealand citizens.

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